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  IIT Madras: New eco-friendly cement being studied for use in industry
NEW DELHI: Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology - Madras have tested an eco-friendly combination of fly ash, limestone and clay for use as concrete.

  Coronavirus pandemic | Hit on domestic cement demand likely to be transient
Cement sector is a direct play on the Indian economy with housing and infrastructure forming 85 percent of the total demand.

  Make in Steel 2020 seeks forging of stronger ties for growth
Given the long-term pipeline of infrastructure projects in India, the growth opportunity for the country's steel sector is immense.

  Wheels of automation picking up pace
For the cement industry, it is imperative to adapt ways to address the key challenges of energy saving, water conservation, reduction in carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions, and material resource and waste management.

  Singareni Collieries awaits EC for coal mining project
Singareni Collieries Company is planning to expand Medapalli Open Cast Coal Mining capacity located at Ramagundam Area-I in Karimnagar district of Telangana.

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Economy - Tell-Tale Signs visible
Do signs tell a tale? Yes, we are talking about the economy. There is this oft-used nomenclature of lagging indicators and leading indicators, and as the names indicate, the lagging ones help to validate the situation in the recent past, while the leading ones help project immediate future trends.


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