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  Cement kiln refractories: An innovative approach
A few critical areas of a cement kiln like tip casting (TC) and cooler beam (bull nose) are very sensitive. Normally bricks are being used in TC and are matched with the performance of burning zone bricks lining.

  Cement Tycoon N. Srinivasan Calls for Return of Nehruvian ‘Freight Equalisation’ Policy
The suggestion must be seen in the context of the South Indian market's health, which has seen a de-growth of 8% in cement demand in the nine months of the current.

  High-performance pre-cast solution for cement plant
The article covers the benefit of pre-cast technology, comparison with in situ castings, gunning and shotcreting technology and few specific case studies in cement plant with recommendation of selection of pre-cast technology for cement plant refractory repairs.

  Quality of power
The harmonious and uniform standards should be specified by the State Regulatory Commissions to serve the best interest of the utilities and consumers connected to the national grid.

  New lining concept by using alumina bricks in place of basic refractories
To achieve desired life of refractories in CRK, it is necessary to understand the characteristics, behaviour and location/zone where refractory will be lined inside the kiln.

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Economy - Tell-Tale Signs visible
Do signs tell a tale? Yes, we are talking about the economy. There is this oft-used nomenclature of lagging indicators and leading indicators, and as the names indicate, the lagging ones help to validate the situation in the recent past, while the leading ones help project immediate future trends.


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